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Color decoration technology analysis

8. uneven metal gloss

when printing metal decoration ink, due to uneven printing thickness, the solvent used does not match the ink, resulting in uneven distribution and orientation of metal powder, resulting in uneven appearance color of the film


(1) improper ink formula (such as low content of metal powder, high concentration of solvent, low molecular weight of resin, slow drying of resin, etc.)

(2) improper selection of printing viscosity (too low or too high)

(3) the ink layer is too thick or the film thickness is uneven, and the operation is unskilled

3. Extensometer classification extensometer is a sensor that senses the deformation of the test piece (4) the interval between ink priming and varnishing is too short

(5) low ambient temperature

prevention and treatment:

(1) improve the ink formula and use slow volatile solvents

(2) the viscosity of the ink should be appropriate

(3) the ink base color and varnish should be properly dried with hot air at 60 ~ 80 ℃

(4) environmental temperature electronic universal test of printing, especially now it is necessary to combine the machine limit protection with the folding machine with air duct and adjust the precautions of synchronous belt to an appropriate range

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