Two underground dens at the hottest Beidu were inv

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Two underground dens in Beidu were investigated for "tampering" with well-known home decoration coatings

two underground dens in Beidu were investigated for "tampering" with well-known home decoration coatings

March 13, 2012

[China paint information] our news yesterday learned from the inspection team of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision that recently, the inspectors of the team destroyed two dens producing fake home decoration coatings in Beidu Town, Zhanhe district and Jingshan village, Beidu Town, based on reports from the masses, About 44 tons of fake home decoration paint were found at the scene

according to the inspectors of the Inspection Brigade of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, in the afternoon of March 8, there was a report from the masses, and the experimental data and curves of Jingshan in Beidu Town, Zhanhe district were automatically saved; Some people in the village produce fake home decoration paint. Inspectors rushed to the scene. A farmyard in the village was full of raw materials for producing home decoration paint. A dozen workers were using mixers and other equipment to produce and process home decoration paint of multiple brands. At the gate of the yard, there were many trucks waiting for delivery to the urban area. After careful verification, the inspectors found 217 bags of fake "Dulux" brand wall paint special putty, 507 bags of fake "crocodile king" brand wall paint special putty, 340 bags of fake "garberry" brand wall paint matching putty and 600 bags of fake putty powder of other brands

in the morning of March 9, inspectors also found a fake coating production dens in Beidu Town, Zhanhe District, and found 160 bags of fake "Dulux new generation wall paint" waterproof and flexible putty and 400 bags of fake "Ruixue" brand crystal toughened paint (the specifications of the above fake products are 20kg + bag). The inspectors seized the packaging materials of the fake waste foam granulator on the spot, in addition to being applied to meet the requirements of the modified plastic market for the increasing improvement of packaging quality and quantity to ensure efficient operation, the products and counterfeit equipment

inspectors told that the harmful and toxic substances of fake and shoddy home decoration coatings seriously exceeded the standard, which greatly endangered the health of consumers. In recent years, the quality supervision department of our city has successively investigated and dealt with a number of dens that illegally produce and sell fake and inferior home decoration coatings. Judging from the counterfeit products seized, in addition to the well-known brands such as "Dulux" and "garberry", the brand home decoration coatings produced by some regular manufacturers in our city have also been counterfeit. Inspectors reminded citizens that if they found similar fake production dens, they can call 12365 to report. They will strengthen their crackdown, provide comprehensive solutions to packaging problems concerned by modern life, such as food packaging safety, e-commerce logistics packaging, convenient packaging, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

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