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Storage of orange brown spots has brought confidence and low water control ways to extruder enterprises. The red oranges for test were collected from Beibei, Chongqing. For plastic bottle manufacturers, they were collected on January 15 and December 5, 1990 respectively. After harvest, they were soaked in 500ppm Carbendazim and stored without packing. The reprocessing of the harvest in November is as follows: 7. According to the degree of automation, it is divided into manual fixture, pneumatic fixture, electric fixture and hydraulic fixture. The pre storage weight is reduced by 3%, 5% and 7%, and the method is to use the blower to blow for 2 ~ 4 days; Soak the fruit in 1.5% acetaldehyde for 1 minute; Soak the fruit in 5% ethanol for 1 hour; Soak the fruit in 100ppm gibberellic acid (GA3) solution for 1 minute; Soak the fruit in 200ppm 2, 4-D solution for 1 minute. Store at normal temperature in ordinary room until February 15

the results showed that the contents of ethanol and acetaldehyde in tangerine were gradually accumulated during storage. The occurrence of brown spots and low water is closely related to the content of ethanol and acetaldehyde. 2, 4-D, GA3 and pre storage weight reduction can reduce the occurrence of ethanol and acetaldehyde in the fruit, reduce the respiratory intensity of the fruit, and inhibit the increase of peel conductivity, so as to delay the aging of the fruit, better control the occurrence of brown spots and low water, and the good fruit rate is more than 90%. Compared with the two different harvest periods, the harvest on November 15 (control I) is more beneficial to improve the good fruit rate and reduce the low water rate and decay rate, but the brown spot rate is relatively high

based on the results of this test, it is considered that under the condition of replacing ordinary elastomer thermoplastic polyurethane in Sichuan, tangerine used for storage and long-distance transportation should be harvested in mid November, treated in time with GA3, 2, 4-D and preservative, and pre stored with a weight reduction of 5%, which can greatly reduce brown spots and dry water

source: Chinese citrus

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