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Characteristics of supada ink cartridge

first, it does not block the print head: all supada inks are refined with special liquid pigments imported from the United States, and have been tested at room temperature. Therefore, the blockage caused by the formation of particles should be avoided in any environment. Each process is carried out in the standard purification workshop. Prevent dust from entering the ink cartridge, resulting in blockage, and eliminate user concerns

II. Natural color: the color of suptec ink cartridge is superior. According to the main advantages of pellethane TPU, including the inkjet characteristics of different types of printers, the composition and chromaticity of the ink are adjusted accordingly. The application of vacuum filling technology makes the air insoluble in ink, so the sealing strip, skylight, door lock, seat, top lining and process glue of the product have a great "contribution" to the VOC content of the whole vehicle. The color effect of the printed pictures is naturally bright and lifelike

III. good compatibility: supoda strictly tests the physical and chemical properties of the ink used, analyzes and compares it with the original ink. The ejected ink dots are uniform and clear, and have 100% compatibility with the original ink

IV. long shelf life: the ink cartridges produced by supoda are processed in a sterile and constant temperature environment. He said: I hope to complete the development within 1 year or 1.5 years, with good chemical stability. So as to ensure the long-term stability of the ink, with a shelf life of more than two years

v. cost saving: using suptec ink cartridges saves more than 70% of the cost than using original ink cartridges. Take 12 sets of Epson t017/t018 ink cartridges (suitable for color 680/777) used every year as an example to analyze the printing cost of using original ink cartridges and supoda ink cartridges:

original ink cartridges: 300 yuan/set 12 sets a year: 3600 yuan

supoda ink cartridges: 110 yuan/set 12 sets a year: 1300 yuan

using supoda ink cartridges saves 2300 yuan compared with using original ink cartridges! Through this open comparison, we can also see that its printing effect and color reduction can be comparable to the original ink cartridge

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