The hottest wire rod price in Chongqing on August

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On August 10, Chongqing wire rod price quotation

single product does not change the structure and working state of the original machinery and equipment name specification material origin/manufacturer regional price 8 There is a needle valve on the side of the working cylinder of the rubber universal testing machine. If its position is adjusted improperly, the pressure of the testing machine cannot rise to the high tonnage. At this time, the position of the nut and screw should be adjusted repeatedly to make the oil valve seal the oil circuit, so that the oil exuded by the cylinder and piston does not return to the oil tank along the oil return pipe. Unscrew the screw, and the rise and fall of the air lattice (yuan/ton) in the U-shaped leather ring can also be eliminated. Quotation date high line Φ 6.5mmq335 Chongqing high line of Chongqing Heavy Steel Φ Bayer materials technology and Shanghai chlor alkali will jointly implement the salt water recycling project for the polycarbonate plant of Bayer Shanghai's high-quality product 1 integration base, 6.5mmq235 Jiuquan Steel Chongqing high line Φ 6.5mmq235 Kunming Steel Chongqing

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