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Wireless SCADA case - heating and power

Ningxia Yinchuan heating supply system project is a pilot project of urban heating automation transformation presided over by Yinchuan heating company. In this project, the OEM series radio station represented by our company is selected to cooperate with Advantech industrial computer and adam4017 data acquisition equipment to form a standard thermal SCADA system. The pilot project is a district with centralized heating. The upper computer of the monitoring center is connected to the OEM master radio, and the sensing/data acquisition equipment of six remote stations (including pressure measuring points, temperature measuring points, pump stations, data acquisition points, etc.) is connected to the slave radio. The communication between the master station and each remote station is completed by the radio in the form of polling

see the schematic diagram:

this is a typical application of thermal SCADA system. Through wireless transmission, the rapid and low-cost establishment of heating monitoring system can greatly improve the release of urban heating system in centralized control and centralized management administrative means; The power of famine rdquo; The successful implementation of this pilot project has set a model for the large-scale construction and management of central heating pipes in Yinchuan in the future. The radio we use in this project is a small-scale modulation/transmission integrated OEM el7052 professional data transmission radio, which is aimed at the district heating system. At the same time, we also provide an integrated full digital professional data transmission radio ---------- MDS2710A, which can be applied to the system monitoring of the whole city's heating pipe, and is the first choice of wireless SCADA radio

2. Application of dispatching/distribution automation data acquisition and communication system


a county (city) power supply bureau wants to establish a set of power dispatching and distribution automation system, hoping that the system can realize the functions of distribution data acquisition/monitoring, dispatching management, feeder automation (fault location, isolation, automatic restoration of power supply in non fault areas) and so on. In combination with the business needs of the region, the complex site distribution and geographical environment, and the difficulty of setting up data channels, the power supply bureau considers using high-speed data transmission radio to build a communication dedicated between the master station and field devices, which can not only reduce the difficulty of system design/construction, but also have the advantages of stable work and less daily maintenance. Wireless data communication plays an important role in data transmission in the whole system. Among them, the selection of data transmission stations is the top priority of the whole wireless data. High reliability, high speed, long distance, flexible group and capacity expansion methods must be considered. MDS radio has many application examples in foreign distribution automation systems, which is especially suitable for establishing special wireless data communication. Through this network, operation data and control instructions can go back and forth between the master station and various field devices, and the data collected by the master station can be further provided to the MIS system

solution and system composition:

the whole wireless data communication system covers the dispatching/distribution automation master station, several substations, field devices, etc. it is a one-to-many network structure based on RS-232 serial port communication. The monitoring center is located in the office building of the power supply bureau. The antenna system of the main station is erected on the communication tower, and the antenna of each substation is placed on the roof or high point according to the actual situation. Each station is equipped with a data transmission station, which is respectively connected to the data acquisition workstation of the main station and the rtu/ftu of the sub station. A pair of frequencies are used to connect the monitoring center and the sub station together in the form of wireless for polling communication. The resolution of the deformation measurement of the main body of the tensile testing machine and the dynamometer data acquisition testing machine refers to the measurable minimum accuracy of the measurement data of the photoelectric encoder of the testing machine. The downstream transmission of the control instructions of the workstation is completed by wireless

this system adopts the industry-leading MDS data transmission radio and high-quality sky feeder system. With rich engineering design and construction experience, Beijing Huaxun communication electronic technology company has provided the power supply bureau with a data transmission rate of 9600/19200bps and the reliability and stability comparable to the wired communication mode. The system provides data keying and transparent transmission in a real sense, which can cooperate with industrial computers and rtu/plc of many brands at home and abroad, and easily build distinctive wireless data communication systems following a variety of protocols


the actual communication effect of this system is very ideal. At present, it has been applied in more than 20 cities and counties in Shandong and Jiangsu. Therefore, when the environment and natural conditions are not convenient for wired communication, Beijing Huaxun communication electronic technology company can provide customers with an effective wireless solution. It is not only suitable for power supply system, but also widely used in a series of data transmission systems, such as water treatment, petroleum industry, earthquake prediction and so on. It can be used as the main channel for data transmission, and also as a backup @13, clearing and cleaning system to meet the monitoring and collection needs of important data

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