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HP intelligent flash printer ns1005w features and price introduction to user comments

this HP intelligent flash printer ns1005w is a new product launched in 2019, and its functions have been improved a lot. How about this HP intelligent flash printer ns1005w? Let's take a look at the features, price quotations, and user reviews of this model, which may help you choose references

I. features of HP intelligent flash printer ns1005w:

HP intelligent flash printer ns1005w this new machine uses original toner, the cost of a single page is only 5 points, and the powder adding operation is simple and does not pollute your hands. The remaining powder can be observed through various ways such as the front indicator light and app of the machine, so as to grasp the surplus of consumables at any time, Put the pendulum on the edge of the support with a wooden block

1. The appearance of the machine is simple, square but not rigid, extremely elegant, and can be easily integrated into the home and office environment

2. The quality of printing, copying and scanning are good, the operation is simple, and everything is within the expectation of the landlord

3. The paper output speed of the home page is higher than that of the old hp products used by the unit. As a small machine, the continuous printing speed is satisfactory

4. In addition, it is simple to add paper in the paper warehouse. All routine operations can be completed through the front. The machine can be placed against the wall. For the space, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will introduce some details to you. Everyone can rest assured that our company's knowledge of experimental machines is low; Refer to jd.com quotation details

II. HP intelligent flash printer ns1005w user comments:

until the sample is damaged, the printer is difficult to operate: it took a lot of effort to install the driver, and I don't know how to install it in the end. Anyway, it can be used, the printing effect is good, it's easy to operate, and the scanning is very real. Generally speaking, it's very good

III. price of HP smart flash printer ns1005w:

HP printer ns1005 new product (print/copy/scan/usb connection)

JD price: ¥ 1899.00

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