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Wireless lighting system set off a revolution in decorative lighting LED lighting to create the most dazzling overpass in Chongqing

it's the weekend again. Today's topic is led technology post. At present, in addition to some conventional LED lighting applications, there are many unexpected LED lighting application cases in the market, which break the traditional shape and application mode, and bring a cool scientific and technological experience at the same time. Next, let's embark on this journey of experience

I. the wireless lighting system x-base has launched a decorative lighting revolution

since November 3, 2017, happinet Corporation has launched x-base (pronounced "cross base") on KickStarter, a crowdfunding platform, which is a display platform that wirelessly supplies power to specially designed LED lamps

x-base allows modelers, collectors and artists to add wonderful lighting effects to plastic models, figures, devices and even aquariums without any technical knowledge

power station lights LED lamps wirelessly through a special magnetic resonance system. When x-base power station is started, just place the LED lamp in its magnetic field and it will light up automatically

radio energy transmission technology is currently used to charge devices such as smart and electric toothbrushes, while x-base power station further extends power transmission to a display stand with an area of 11.8 inches x 11.8 inches x 11.8 inches

II. LED lights create Chongqing's "most dazzling Overpass"

recently, Chongqing citizens praised the "most dazzling Pedestrian Overpass" is stepping up construction and will soon be officially put into use. This has attracted the attention of many citizens

it is reported that the "most dazzling Overpass" is located in Dadukou District, Chongqing. The bridge body is made of strip light boxes in blue, purple, peach and other colors. LED lights are installed inside for lighting. At night, the overpass will turn into a "Rainbow Bridge", adding a different color to the urban scenery of Chongqing

III. roads with embedded LED lights are startled on the streets of London

on the streets of London, a new type of pavement was born, which was developed by a company called umbrellium for the insurance company direct line. The road surface is not only embedded with LED lights, but also with high-definition cameras, which can better detect pedestrians and prevent road unsafe accidents

it is reported that the road surface embedded with LEDs adopts a plastic surface, but it can withstand a very large traffic flow, and more than 660 LEDs are installed. After programming, it automatically changes the color and pattern, and can distinguish the difference between pedestrians and vehicles, so as to make traffic instructions, and can provide reminders and help to pedestrians and drivers to a great extent and better

IV. Marvel creative led book light is fun, good-looking and unique

there is a comic book that not only looks good, but also will absolutely amaze you when you open it. This is Marvel Marvel creative led book light. As long as it is turned on, there will be light until it is expanded to 360 degrees, and each page will emit a charming light sense

this book can not only bring its own light, but also become a warm and beautiful lamp. Just match it with a hanging rope, and it will become a beautiful chandelier

it can show this effect because the front and back covers of this book are embedded with industrial grade strong suction magnets, which can be stable when unfolded 360 °. You can also attach the book lamp to a metal object to make a wall lamp. The action of opening and closing is the switch of the whole book lamp. Opening is opening, closing is closing, and the operation is very convenient

v. the shyness lamp in full bloom, enigmatic vitality

studio drift in the Netherlands has developed an LED lighting fixture, which can automatically fall from the ceiling, and then bloom vividly from the bud state. In fact, the lampshade will open quickly during the decline of the lamp, which is as charming as delayed photography

in order to complete the invention and upgrading of this lamp, the studio spent up to five years elaborately making the precise mechanical skeleton of the shame lamp, trying and error one by one, and finding the most suitable cloth. The final effect is certainly amazing. Under the rendering of the lights inside, the details of each "petal" blooming can be seen clearly, as if the real flowers were blooming in front of us, which is very vitality

now, it is composed of five theshylights chandeliers with different shapes, and its lightweight characteristics are also the key lamp array for the development of aerospace industry. It has been permanently installed in the Dutch National Museum as an exhibition

VI. The emergence of new display technologies will promote the advent of the era of intelligent display.

at present, the display industry is constantly promoted by new technologies and new products. Chinese display also gradually plays an important role in the ranks of world display, and has been upgraded to a certain extent. Chinese display is no longer just the world's largest display product production base, and more patents and technological innovations emerge on the stage of world display, It is pushing China and the world to a new stage of development

in this process, "intelligent display" has become the common goal of display enterprises. Some "smart" concepts such as "smart city", "smart furniture" and "artificial intelligence" have begun to take root in the hearts of the people. The "intelligent" display realized by using LED display can be applied to this, and add wings to the "smart display"

looking at the whole display industry, we can see that the intelligent displays that have been realized today include: fingerprint scanning of display screen, face scanning, infrared scanning; Equipped with AR and VR technology, virtual and reality synchronization is achieved through new controls and gestures on the screen; Some information is displayed on different displays through sensors and intelligent technology. In the future, micro led and mini workpieces can be conveniently placed on the workbench to promote the promotion and application of Collaborative Innovation led and OLED display technology in the whole industry chain of new materials, or will create a more advanced and intelligent display effect. In this way, the era of intelligent display is coming to mankind, but when it will arrive depends on the joint efforts of many enterprises in the display industry

source: Asia Pacific lamp chitosan is an ideal material for decoration media in the utilization of food technology

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