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Can the transformation of the old residential area for years of wire charging transform the line by the way?

can the transformation of the old residential area for years of wire charging transform the line by the way?

July 18, 2019 08:23 | source: Yangzhou Evening News - Yangzhou

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recently, residents living in the dormitory area at No. 42, East Jiangyang road called to report that the community has undergone the transformation of the old community in the past two years, and recently the power supply department has transformed the electricity, hoping to take advantage of the transformation to transform the garage wires in the community.

pulling wires for charging is a big hidden danger.

residents told that the garage downstairs in the dormitory area is where residents Park non motor vehicles, but there were not so many electric vehicles many years ago. After the garage was completed With theout power, main function is to place sundries and park bicycles. Now, almost every household has an electric car. In order to charge the electric car, many residents began to find their own way to power up the garage and pull wires from home to enter the garage

due to the steady growth of the overall domestic market demand for plastic machinery in China, the exposed wires, the wind and rain caused the outer rubber of the wires to fall off, causing great potential safety hazards. A few years ago, residents also made suggestions to relevant departments, hoping that the garage can be connected to the power supply separately and each household can install electricity meters, but the problem has not been solved so far

residents are looking forward to the unified transformation of electricity

yesterday morning, they came to the dormitory area to visit. Under several dormitory buildings reported by residents, you can see a row of garages with multiple wires above. One end of the wire is pulled out of the residents' windows and the other end leads to the garage

"this is always the case. Pull the wire from home to charge." Several residents told that in the past, there were as many wires between the garage and the residential building as spiders. In recent years, calls have also been transformed, and many wires have gone from underground pipes. However, I saw downstairs in the dormitory area that many residents' wires were still pulled down from the air. Residents said that there was no property management department in the community, and it had always been managed by the community. They hoped that the garage wires could be transformed uniformly, and they would not pull wires from the residents' homes anymore

will be reflected to the relevant departments

it was learned from the relevant staff of yuejinqiao community that during the reconstruction of the old community in the previous two years, the garage lines were unified. The recent circuit reconstruction is an underground line, not a garage line, which will reflect the residents' demands to the relevant departments

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