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Fanuc CNC system features

1 system has high reliability

CNC machine tool has become an indispensable processing equipment in modern production line, so it must be able to operate for a long time without reason. Therefore, the correct operation of plastic machinery (including plastic granulator, single screw granulator, waste plastic granulator, etc.) can be applied to extend its life and run continuously in a harsh environment. In order to meet this requirement, as the control core of CNC machine tools, CNC system must have high reliability. FANUC system takes the reliability of products as one of the focuses of research and development

(1) modular structure is widely used in the design of the system. This structure is easy to disassemble and assemble, and each control board is highly integrated, which greatly improves the reliability, and is convenient for maintenance and replacement. FANUC Oi system further improves the integration. On the basis of inheriting 0 system, it also integrates from and SRAM modules, PMC modules, memory and servo modules. The pneumatic cylinder stroke is 200 mm, which makes the volume smaller and the reliability higher

(2) robot welding board is adopted, which reduces human participation during "1025", realizes full-automatic manufacturing, avoids mistakes caused by human carelessness, and greatly improves the reliability of the system

(3) it has a strong ability to resist the impact of harsh environment. The working environment temperature is 0-45 ℃, the relative humidity is 75% (95% in a short time), the anti vibration ability is 0.5g, and the electric wave motion is -15%~10%

(4) there are relatively perfect protective measures. Compared with other CNC systems, FANUC adopts a better protection circuit for its own system. For example, the author has encountered many times that the spindle frequency converter is burned out due to electric phase failure, while the display of FANUC system only turns black in phase failure, and the system can still work normally after the voltage is normal. In addition, we often cut off and power on repeatedly during the debugging process, without a long interval, which does not affect the normal work of the system at all

2 full function and wide application range

fanuc system is always designed to meet user requirements as its core design, with relatively complete functions, and is applicable to all kinds of machine bottoms and production machinery

(1) the system software configured for FANUC system has relatively complete functions and option functions. For general machine tools, the basic functions can fully meet the use requirements. Such a configuration has complete functions and reasonable price. For a machine tool with special requirements, it is necessary to add corresponding functions. These functions only need to open the corresponding function parameters or add corresponding boards (because each board is a removable integrated board, it is very convenient to disassemble and assemble), which is convenient, convenient, and saves financial and material resources at the same time

(2) provide a large number of rich PMC signals and PMC function instructions. These abundant signals and programming instructions are convenient for the user to compile the PMC control program of the machine tool, and increase the flexibility of programming. For example, when compiling the tool magazine program, it can be completed by the signal of the user macro program and the selection jump signal of the program segment. Different programming ideas produce the same control result, which truly realizes personalized control

(3) it has a strong DNC function. The system provides a serial RS232C transmission interface, so that the data transmission between PC and machine tool can be * completed, so as to realize high-speed DNC operation. At the same time, FANUC-0i system adds "multi segment program pre reading control function" and "HRV (high response vector)" control, as well as "hssb (high speed serial bus) control function", which greatly improves the speed and accuracy of program execution. FANUC-0i system also provides parameter 7001 × 0, which is set to 1 (manual intervention return function is effective) In the process of large-scale mold processing, when the tool needs to be replaced due to tool wear, after the feed is suspended, the machine tool can be manually moved to a safe height (you can't press the reset key), the new tool can be replaced, and the processing can be continued after the recirculation start, realizing high-precision processing. It can well meet the processing requirements of modern molds

(4) provide rich maintenance alarm and diagnosis functions. Fanuc maintenance manual provides users with a large number of alarm information, which is classified in different categories. Each maintenance information and diagnostic status are equivalent to the prescription of a doctor, which is convenient for users to repair faults. Here are two examples to illustrate

example 1:408 # (FANUC 0 system) alarm: poor startup of spindle serial chain. The reason is that this alarm will be generated when the power supply in the serial spindle system is turned on and the spindle amplifier is not ready to start correctly. Treatment: ① the optical cable connection is inappropriate, or the power supply of the spindle amplifier is disconnected. ② When the NC power supply is turned on under other alarm conditions except SU-01 or Al-24 (displayed on the IED of the spindle amplifier). In this case, disconnect the power supply of the spindle amplifier once and restart it. ③ The plug of the optical cable should be checked for looseness or incorrect connection. ④ Other reasons (improper hardware configuration)

example 2: when manual cannot run (FANUC 0I system). Treatment method: first confirm the status display of mode selection, that is, whether jog appears under the display. If it does not appear, about 12% of vanadium in the mode is produced by recycled vanadium containing by-products and stone coal minerals, and the selection signal is incorrect, Then use the PMC diagnostic function (pmcdgn) to confirm whether the mode state is correct (whether g45.2 and g45.3 are "1"). If it is incorrect, modify the PMC program, and then check whether the manual mode signal is valid. If it is invalid, please use the PMC diagnostic function to check whether the corresponding signal state is "1" (whether there is "1" in g100.0~3 and g102.0~3), if not, "1" ", modify the PMC program. If it is correct, use the diagnostic function of CNC No. 000~015 to confirm, and check the item with 1 on the right of each item of 000~015. For example, OO5 (inter lock/start lock) is" 1 ", indicating that the interlock/start lock signal is input, and the user can program correctly and set parameters correctly according to the interlock signal he uses

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