Features of the hottest butterfly valve

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Features of butterfly valve introduction the advantages of sanitary manual butterfly valve:

1. The rubber seal ring and valve plate of the butterfly valve are imported parts, ensuring the service performance and service life of the butterfly valve

2. The high-precision CNC lathe is used to finish turning the valve body, which ensures the reliable interchangeability of the butterfly valve and avoids the trouble that the use performance cannot be guaranteed due to the replacement of rubber

3. The valve rod is inlaid with nylon shaft sleeve, which reduces the friction force, so it can be opened flexibly and easily

4. The steel parts are made of stainless steel, and the rubber is made of food rubber, with high hygienic quality

5. The valve body has the same diameter as the inner diameter of the pipe. When opening, the narrow and streamlined valve plate is consistent with the direction of the fluid, with large flow and small resistance, and no material accumulation

6. The handle adopts pull type and pull type, which can bear large operating torque and is not easy to pull off

7. The opening and closing range is 0~90 degrees, which can be fixed at the position every 15 degrees, with adjustability, rapid opening and closing, and convenient operation

8. The valve body adopts detachable connection, which has simple structure and convenient maintenance

9. The shape is light and beautiful, and the surface is bright without dust and burrs

10. The quality is guaranteed through rigorous strength and sealing tests

11. No less than 30000 fatigue life tests were carried out by sampling to ensure its service life

butterfly valve refers to a valve whose closing part (disc or disc) is a disc and rotates around the valve axis to open and close. It is mainly used for cutting off and throttling on the pipeline. The opening and closing part of butterfly valve is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which rotates around its own axis in the valve body, so as to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or adjustment. The butterfly valve is usually less than 90 ° from full opening to full closing. The butterfly valve and the butterfly rod have no self-locking ability. In order to position the butterfly plate, a worm gear reducer should be installed on the valve rod. Using worm gear reducer can not only make the butterfly plate have self-locking ability, stop the butterfly plate at any position, but also improve the operating performance of the valve

the industrial butterfly valve is characterized by high temperature resistance, high applicable pressure range, large nominal diameter of the valve, carbon steel valve body, and metal ring instead of rubber ring for the sealing ring of the valve plate. Large high-temperature butterfly valves are made of welded steel plates and are mainly used for smoke and air ducts and gas pipelines of high-temperature media

valve model Daquan

valve model compilation method, valve number description

valve model should generally indicate the valve type, driving mode, connection form, structural characteristics, nominal pressure, sealing surface material, valve body material and other elements. The standardization of valve model provides convenience for the design, selection and distribution of valves. Nowadays, there are more and more types of valves and materials, and the compilation of valve models is becoming more and more complex. Although there is a unified standard for the fixture data of Jinan experimental machine, it gradually can not meet the needs of the development of valve industry. At present, valve manufacturers generally adopt a unified numbering method; If the unified numbering method cannot be adopted, each manufacturer can formulate the numbering method according to its own situation

unit 1, unit 2, unit 3, unit 4, unit 5 - unit 6, unit 7

valve type, transmission mode, connection type, structural form, sealing auxiliary material - nominal pressure valve body material

unit 1: valve type code type, safety valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, check valve

bottom valve, stop valve, throttle valve, blowdown valve, ball valve, drain valve, plunger valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, gate valve

code a D G H J L P Q S U X Y Z

unit 2: transmission mode transmission

mode electromagnetic dynamic electromagnetic hydraulic electric hydraulic worm gear spur gear bevel gear pneumatic hydraulic pneumatic hydraulic electric handle

hand wheel

code 0123456789 no code

unit 3: connection type connection mode internal thread external thread two different connection flanges welding clamp sleeve

code 12346789

unit 4: structure type

each valve Different structural types, Please click the corresponding valve structure type preparation method below

gate valve structure type code

rising stem wedge elastic ram 0

rigid single ram 1

double ram 2

parallel single ram 3

double ram 4

Non rising stem wedge single ram 5

double ram 6

parallel single ram 7

double ram 8

safety valve structure type code

spring closure belt heat sink full lift 0

micro lift Formula 1

full lift type 2

full lift type with wrench 4

open double spring micro lift type 3

micro lift type 7

full lift type 8

full lift type with control mechanism 6

pulse type 9

lever type 5

pressure reducing valve structure type code

Direct acting bellows type 1

direct acting membrane type 2

pilot piston type 3

pilot bellows type 4

pilot film type 5

five units: sealing auxiliary materials Material tin base bearing alloy

(Babbitt alloy) nitriding lined steel system

stainless steel fluoroplastic glass Cr13

stainless steel rubber lining Monel alloy nylon plastic boriding steel lining lead mo2ti

stainless steel plastic copper alloy rubber cemented carbide valve body direct processing

code B C D E F G H M P Q r s t x y w

when the sealing surface materials of the sealing pair are different, it is expressed by the material code with low hardness

six units: the nominal pressure value is directly expressed in Arabic numerals, It is 10 times of MPA

seven units: valve body material valve body material titanium and titanium alloy carbon steel Cr13 series stainless steel chromium molybdenum steel malleable iron aluminum alloy series stainless steel ductile iron mo2ti series stainless steel plastic copper and copper alloy chromium molybdenum vanadium steel grey cast iron

code a C H I K L p q R S T V z

grey cast iron bottom pressure valve and steel medium pressure omit this item

example: z543h-16c bevel gear drive flange connected flat gate valve, The nominal pressure is 1.6Mpa, the valve body material is carbon steel

the name of the valve

the name of the valve is named according to the transmission mode, connection form, structural form, lining material and type. However, the following contents are omitted in the naming:

(1) in the connection form: "flange"

(2) in the structural form:

a: the "rising stem", "elasticity", "rigidity" and "single ram" of the gate valve

b: the "straight through" type of stop valve and throttle valve

c: ball valve "floating" and "straight through"

d: the "vertical plate" of butterfly valve

e: the "ridge type" of diaphragm valve

f: plug valve "packing" and "straight through"

g: check valve "straight through" and "single disc"

h: the safety valve is "not closed"

(3) material name in the material of valve seat sealing surface

the advantages of butterfly valve are as follows:

1. It is easy to open and close, labor-saving, low fluid resistance, and can be operated frequently

2. Simple structure, small volume and light weight

3. The mud can be transported, and the liquid accumulated at the pipe mouth is the least

4. Good sealing can be achieved under low pressure

5. Good regulation performance

butterfly valves have the following disadvantages:

1. The range of operating pressure and temperature is small

2, poor sealing

butterfly valves can be divided into offset plate, vertical plate, inclined plate and lever type according to their structural forms. According to the sealing form, it can be divided into relatively sealed type and hard sealed type. The soft seal type I is here to pay tribute to the majority of users in their old age. The rubber ring seal is adopted, and the hard seal type usually adopts the metal ring seal

according to the connection type, it can be divided into flange connection and wafer connection; According to the transmission mode, it can be divided into manual, gear transmission, pneumatic screw extruder, which is not only used for extrusion molding and mixing processing of high molecular materials, hydraulic and electric

the installation and maintenance of butterfly valves should pay attention to the following matters:

1. During installation, the valve disc should stop at the closed position

2. The opening position should be determined according to the rotation angle of the butterfly plate

3. For butterfly valves with bypass valves, open the bypass valve before opening

4. The installation shall be carried out according to the installation instructions of the manufacturer, and the heavy butterfly valve shall be set with a solid foundation

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