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At present, the establishment of large-scale enterprise internal monitoring system has become an important goal of the informatization construction of large-scale factories and mining enterprises in China. Wireless monitoring system based on WLAN technology not only has low investment cost compared with traditional monitoring system, but also has incomparable technical advantages, such as flexible group, supporting mobile monitoring, high scalability, etc., which makes it the first choice for enterprises to establish internal monitoring system

application example: enterprise wireless monitoring system

a large enterprise plans to build a wireless network system to monitor more than 30 points in the plant in real time. The distance between each monitoring point and the control center varies, ranging from tens of meters in the near to thousands of meters in the far, and the obstacles in the middle are also different. When the monitored point is far away from the central control center and the location is scattered, the traditional wiring method is not only very expensive, but also helpless once encountering some special obstacles. Using WLAN wireless network technology, multiple monitored points can be quickly connected with the central control center to establish a wireless transmission link of video monitoring information. The front-end equipment of wireless monitoring consists of two parts: image acquisition and processing part and wireless signal transmission part. The image acquisition and processing part includes an integrated ball machine and a video server; The wireless signal transmission part includes AMT series carrier grade wireless bridge and high gain antenna and feeder system

in this project, since the monitoring center and most monitoring points are not visible, in order to ensure the best transmission quality of the wireless link, three commanding points in the plant area are selected as the wireless transmission relay frame setting points according to the environmental conditions: the comprehensive office building, the highest chimney in the plant area, and a substation in the plant area. Between each relay point and its corresponding multiple monitoring points, a point to multipoint wireless connection mode is adopted to establish multiple wireless transmission links; The monitoring center and each relay point cooperate with the high-precision explosion-proof load cell, which also adopts the point to multipoint wireless connection mode to realize the real-time transmission of monitoring images from the relay point to the monitoring center

the system has many monitoring points and a large amount of data. The demand for wireless transmission chain resources between monitoring points and relay points has also increased. AMT series carrier grade wireless bridge products are mainly selected, which are compatible with 802.11g standard, 54m high bandwidth, and have three independent channels; The backbone link between the relay point and the monitoring center adopts the carrier grade 54m high bandwidth wireless bridge product that is AMT compatible with IEEE802.11a standard, and has multiple independent channels, which fully ensures the stability and reliability of network video streaming transmission

system schematic diagram is as follows:

schematic diagram of relay point composition:

application example: long distance wireless bridge in enterprise factory area

a company is a rapidly rising large-scale modern private pharmaceutical enterprise. The company's products sell well all over the country, the production scale continues to expand, the main technical parameters are large, and various economic indicators continue to rise, ranking among the forefront of the same industry in the region at one fell swoop. The company spent a lot of money to build a new factory. The new factory is 8 kilometers away from the old factory, and independent local area systems are built respectively. It is urgent to solve the network communication problem between the new factory and the old factory. The cost of using optical cable connection is too high. Simple modem dialing can only realize simple data transmission with a small amount of data. The speed can not meet the application of DNN special line. Although it can meet the needs of some data transmission, the data transmission capacity of DDN seems powerless to complete a large amount of data information such as data, voice, image, etc., and the monthly rent of dedicated lines is also a big expense for enterprises

after various demonstrations and field tests of the technical scheme, the enterprise decided to adopt wireless local area technology to establish a wireless bridge system between new and old plants. The system adopts carrier grade wireless bridge and completes the connection of two local areas in a point-to-point manner

after the completion of the system, it will work stably for a long time, which fully meets the requirements of the elimination methods of new and old factory areas: cleaning the pendulum bearing, gear rod, pointer, wire wheel data sharing, Internet sharing, and ERP software system sharing

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