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Kuitun various models of wire and cable recycling manufacturers

Kuitun various models of wire and cable recycling manufacturers 7yec

definition 1: it is made of one or more mutually insulated conductors and wrapped with insulating protective layers, which transmit power or information from one place to another

definition 2: it is usually a rope like cable twisted by several or groups of conductors (at least two in each group). Each group of conductors is insulated from each other and often twisted around a center. The whole outer surface is covered with a highly insulated covering layer. The cable is internally energized and externally insulated. Classified cables include power cables, control cables, compensation cables, shielded cables, high-temperature cables, computer cables, signal cables, coaxial cables, fire-resistant cables, marine cables, mining cables, aluminum alloy cables, etc. They are all composed of single strand or multi strand conductors and insulating layers, which are used to connect circuits, electrical appliances, etc

cables can be divided into DC cables and AC cables according to the system of photovoltaic power station. According to the different uses and use environment, they are classified as follows:

1 DC cable

(1) series cable between components

(2) parallel cables between strings and between strings and DC distribution box (combiner box)

(3) cable from DC distribution box to inverter

the above cables are DC cables, which are laid outdoors. They need to be moisture-proof, sun proof, cold resistant, heat-resistant and UV resistant. In some special environments, they also need to be protected against acid and alkali and other chemicals

some cases are relatively serious, and faults may occur during the completion test or shortly after putting into operation. Most of them exist in the form of defects in the cable system, causing serious hidden dangers to the long-term operation of the cable. Reasons for the manufacture of cable joints high voltage cable joints used to be wrapped, molded, molded and other types, which required a large amount of work to be made on site, and because of the limitations of site conditions and the manufacturing process, there would inevitably be air gaps and impurities between the insulating tape layers, so it was easy to cause problems. The commonly used types in China are assembly type and prefabricated type. The cable joint is divided into cable terminal joint and cable intermediate joint. No matter what the joint form, the cable joint failure generally occurs at the cable insulation shielding fracture, because this is the part where the electrical stress is concentrated. The reasons for the cable joint failure due to manufacturing reasons include the manufacturing defects of the stress cone body, the insulation filler problem, the sealing ring oil leakage and other reasons. Cable grounding system cable grounding system includes cable grounding box, cable grounding protection box (with sheath protector), cable cross interconnection box, sheath protector, etc

after years of benign development and rich work, the company, which processes and recycles for its own use, has some related businesses in the whole province. The company takes the customer's reputation and environmental protection work as the primary idea, and the monitoring data shows that. From the perspective of average trend, the stamping materials of waste steel in Foshan market were 2320/this week, up 20/compared with that before the holiday, with a month on month increase of 0.83% and a year-on-year increase of 53.85%. The stamping materials of waste steel in Jiaxing market in Zhejiang were 2460/this week, up 47/compared with that of last week, with a month on month increase of 1.69%. The year-on-year increase was 52.8%. The price of industrial scrap aluminum and the purchase price were stronger. The profit of steel mills was still at a high level, and more scrap steel was used for production. In addition, due to the impact of environmental protection in some regions, iron and aquatic products were limited, so steel mills had to add scrap steel. Once again, the scrap steel market was stronger and stronger, and the mainstream market of domestic scrap steel market rose this week. The rising range is different, and the heavy scrap of scrap steel in Xuzhou market is 247 this week

sell it again. Electronic components are the materials needed for all electronic products. The recycling of waste lead can save China's basic energy. At the same time, it also requires that the load characteristics of long-time work at 1500 ℃ (2) 00 ℃ can not significantly reduce resources. The information industry is developing rapidly, so there is a lot of lead needed. When you want to choose to give up the electronic products around you, you can choose to recycle the waste lead. As I mentioned earlier, the current electronic industry is developing rapidly, so we must protect it. However, protecting the environment has become a big problem. Some lead is not harmful to the environment, but some small lead can destroy a forest. This is not my nonsense. For example, a part of it contains many harmful substances such as PVC and cadmium. If it is discarded, the harmful elements in it will seep into the soil. There are two types of copper-clad steel grounding rods: combined type and single type. The construction of combined grounding rod is more convenient. It is equipped with coaxial connecting pipe, driving head, drill bit and other accessories. According to different geological and use requirements, it can be connected through silicon brass connecting pipe, and any copper plated grounding rod

among them, there are more than 300 processing enterprises and more than 200 enterprises above Designated Size, with an annual recycling of nearly 2million tons of scrap metal. Someone has made such an estimate: recycling a discarded aluminum cans saves 20% of the capital than manufacturing a new cans. At the same time, it can also save 90%~97% of energy. Recycling 1t of waste steel can produce 0.9t of good steel. Compared with smelting with ore, it can save 47% of the cost. At the same time, it can also cause air pollution, water pollution and solid waste. It can be seen that strengthening the classification and treatment, recycling and utilization of waste metals have economic and social benefits. At present, China produces 3 billion tons every year, and about 20000 square meters of arable land is used for stacking and storage. Land degradation and desertification are very serious, mainly because waste metals are directly buried or left in the soil, which is difficult to degrade and seriously corrodes the land, resulting in soil hardening. If waste metals are not properly treated, water will be caused. Air, soil pollution and plants

2. AC cable

(1) connecting cable from inverter to step-up transformer

(2) connecting cable from step-up transformer to power distribution device

(3) connecting cable from power distribution device to electricity or users

this part of cables are AC load cables, which are laid in many indoor environments, and can be selected according to the requirements of general power cable selection

the manufacturing method of wires and cables is different from that of most electromechanical products. Mechanical and electrical products are usually assembled into parts by another part, and then assembled into a single product by multiple parts. The products are measured by the number of sets or pieces. The length of wires and cables is the basic unit of measurement. All wires and cables are made of wire and cable products by adding insulation, shielding, cabling, protective layers, etc. layer by layer on the periphery of the conductor from the conductor processing. The more complex the product structure is, the more layers are superimposed

in addition, due to the insulation exposed to the air during the construction of the joint, moisture will also be absorbed in the insulation, which will leave hidden dangers for long-term operation. The installation did not strictly follow the process construction or the process regulations did not consider the possible problems. The DC withstand voltage test is adopted for the completion acceptance, resulting in the formation of an anti electric field in the joint, resulting in only reasonable maintenance insulation damage. Due to poor sealing treatment. The intermediate joint must adopt the sealing structure of metal copper shell plus PE or PVC insulation and anti-corrosion coating, so as to ensure the compactness of the lead seal in the on-site construction. This effectively ensures the sealing and waterproof performance of the joint. Design reason: the breakdown is caused by the cable crush caused by the thermal expansion of the cable. When the load of cross-linked cable is high, the core temperature rises, and the cable is heated and expanded. At the turning point in the tunnel, the cable is on the facade of the support. Long term heavy load operation, the cable creeping force is great, resulting in the facade of the support crushing the outer sheath and metal sheath of the cable, and squeezing into the cable insulation layer, resulting in cable breakdown. In recent years, it has been supported and introduced by relevant national policies

thus ensuring good long-term operation benefits of the power station. Environmentally friendly cables have the following advantages: high flame retardancy: environmentally friendly cables ensure that they have high building requirements for fire protection. In case of fire, cables are not easy to burn, and can prevent the spread of flames and the expansion of disasters after combustion. Halogen free: the green environmental protection insulating layer, sheath and special oxygen barrier material are used, which not only has good electrical and physical mechanical properties, but also ensures that the product does not contain halogen and solves the "secondary pollution" formed during its combustion. It avoids the "dioxin" substances that can be caused by the combustion of traditional PVC wires. Low toxin: the insulation and sheath do not contain heavy metals harmful to human body such as lead and cadmium, which will not pollute soil and water sources when cables are used and discarded. After rigorous toxicity experiments, the white mice were safe under the specified experimental conditions. No corrosive gas: new special coating materials that are non polluting to the environment will not produce HCl and other toxic substances during production, use and combustion

this will still have different characteristics in terms of design requirements. When it is promoted in the domestic cable field, it can be seen that its advantages are diversified. What details should we pay attention to. The rubber sheathed cable must be well protected in the process of connection, otherwise it will cause damage and leakage in rainy days, which will be more dangerous. In the process of comparison, we still need to know that the installation method will be different if we know the key points. Therefore, we should grasp the different points and details of installation before we can master the design of cables. Rubber sheathed cables should be fixed during construction and installation, and do not trample at will, which is easy to cause damage. Although the material grade is relatively high, the requirements should be grasped in the process of use, so that we can see that the installation requirements will be higher and higher when using. There are still many matters needing attention in the use of cables

the excess air coefficient in the heating section should be reduced as much as possible to ensure a weak oxidizing atmosphere in the furnace. The amount of excess air in the soaking section should be slightly higher to ensure the removal of the generated iron oxide scale; The heating temperature of the tube blank in the heating zone and soaking zone cannot exceed the control range of the target temperature, otherwise the ferrite content will increase sharply, affecting the hot workability and surface defects; Stainless steel tube blank has high expansion coefficient due to its low thermal conductivity. It is required to strictly control the heating speed within 600~800 degrees. Do not raise the temperature too fast, otherwise it is easy to crack; After the stainless steel tube blank is loaded into the furnace, the tapping rhythm of other carbon steels in the furnace should be based on the principle of ensuring the furnace time of each section of the stainless steel tube blank, so as to ensure the necessary heating time of the stainless steel tube blank in each section; Ensure smooth production. Prevent heating problems such as overheating and Overburning of the tube blank after being in the furnace for too long; (2) Optimize the metal deformation conditions in the piercing process. From the development process of two roll piercer, it goes through from barrel roll to cone roll piercer

at that time, there were 110kV cold shrinkable cable accessories. 2) The inherent shortcomings of heat shrinkable cable accessories make the accessories of heat shrinkable cable wander under the 35kV voltage level for a long time. At the 35kV voltage level, heat shrinkable cable accessories have become an important reason for frequent accidents in cable work. Cable heads are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, especially in power plants. With the development of science and the needs of industrial and agricultural production, there are more and more types of cable heads, such as oil impregnated paper insulated cable heads and plastic insulated cable heads Requirements for the environment when making cable heads: the cable heads must be made in sunny weather and dry air, and the construction site should be clean and free of flying dust or paper scraps. The appearance of the 10kV cable shall be clean and free of damage, and the insulation resistance and DC withstand voltage test shall be conducted. Only after passing the test can it be carried out. yes

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