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The wires are not powered on and will be installed as soon as the street lamps arrive.

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the wires on the street lamp base are exposed, and the citizens are worried about potential safety hazards. The community responded to Liuyang news (the change of the main technical index "thermal conductivity" that directly affects the vacuum heat insulation board, he Zhengzhang). There are three places where street lamps are installed, and the wires are exposed, worrying about potential safety hazards. Recently, Mr. Peng, a citizen, called this newspaper to report that during the quality improvement and reconstruction of outangji community on Jinsha South Road, three street lamps were not installed properly, and the wires at the base were exposed, worrying about insecurity

recently, I came to outangji community, Jinsha South Road. Mr. Peng said that the street lamp base is located on the roadside steps below the second building of the community, which is three consecutive places. It can be seen at the scene that the base is more than ten centimeters long and wide, and there are four long iron screws at the four corners, which are about 10 centimeters higher than the cement floor. White in the middle yellow "Fair competition in the market is an important guarantee for economic and efficient operation. One colored wire extends out of the ground for tens of centimeters.

my grandson pulled this wire last time. Ms. Tang, a resident of the community, said that the child at home is a lively and active age, and he likes to touch everywhere when playing outside. The family is very worried that he will get an electric shock. Moreover, these nails are so high that they are easy to trip people.

we know this situation and also apologize to residents Explained the structure and ordinary protection of the spring testing machine. The relevant person in charge of the South City Community of Hehua street said that outangji community is an old community of low rent housing for more than 20 years. Previously, the environment was bad, and the community decided to improve its quality, including the installation of street lights and the conversion of white to black roads. However, in the actual installation process, the demand for street lamps was higher than expected, resulting in the lack of materials for the last three bases, which failed to complete the installation

at present, those materials are already on the road. After arrival, we will urge the construction personnel to install the street lights as soon as possible. The person in charge said that as for the problem of electric shock, residents need not worry. The three wires have not been energized and will not cause electric shock

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