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smt is a surface assembly skill, also known as surface mounted technology (abbreviation of surface mounted technology), which is now the most popular skill and process in the electronic assembly industry

smt: Surface Mounted Technology: the assembly skill of directly attaching components to the surface and welding them to the regular orientation of the PCB surface of the circuit board

smd: abbreviation of surface mounted devices, Guangdong wire connector factory_ Cairun industry, which means: surface mount device, is one of SMT components. There are many kinds, such as chip resistance, chip capacitance, chip transistor, chip inductor and so on

The shape of the SMD is rectangular sheet, cylindrical row or special-shaped, and its welding ends or pins are manufactured in the same plane, and it is suitable for reflow soldering of electronic components adhered to the surface mounter: the paste solder paste pre distributed on the PCB circuit board pad is melted from scratch, and the mechanical and electrical connection between the terminals or pins of the surface adhered components and the printed circuit board pad is completed

As a professional manufacturer integrating connector development and plastic hardware processing, Huizhou cairun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a wire connector factory in Guangdong Province_ Cairun industry, whose products mainly include: specializing in the production of button battery base series, battery boxes, battery buttons, hardware battery pieces and other connectors, is famous in the industry for its professional development, production and sale of various types of computer connectors. The company has modern standard workshops, advanced production equipment and testing instruments, strong technical force, and Guangdong wire connector factory_ Cairun industry has formed an integrated business system of product design, hardware mold development, plastic molding, assembly and manufacturing, and after-sales service, which can quickly develop and manufacture various types of precision hardware molds and high-precision imported battery seats. In order to comply with the global requirements for environmental protection, the company's existing products are all in line with the European Union RoHS directive

over the years, Huizhou Keyu Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd. has relied on professional skilled personnel, advanced machinery and equipment, perfect service strategy, as well as continuously developed cost-effective products, the perfect combination of multiple elements, making Dongguan Keyu plastic hardware products have always been highly praised in the industry and favored by customers. Which manufacturer of button battery base is good? Dongguan Keyu is the first choice for battery base manufacturers

the layout of meta equipment in PCBA processing affects the quality of SMT process. Therefore, when the meta equipment is laid out, it needs to be done according to the relevant process requirements. The correct layout planning can minimize the welding defects and ensure the product quality. Next, Jingbang technician will introduce the layout requirements of PCBA processing equipment

pcba processing

1. The components of PCB should be evenly distributed as far as possible. Components of the same kind of packaging should be consistent in orientation, polarity and spacing as far as possible. The regular placement is convenient for viewing and is conducive to improving the speed of patches/plug-ins; Uniform distribution is conducive to heat dissipation and optimization of welding process

2. The power element equipment should be placed evenly on the edge of the PCB or the ventilation direction in the chassis to ensure good heat dissipation

3. Don't lay expensive meta equipment on the corners and edges of PCB, or close to the cuts, notches and corners of connectors, mounting holes, slots, panels, etc. these directions are high stress areas of PCB, which simply form solder joints and cracks of meta equipment

because most brand manufacturers have moved their production to China; On the other hand, people whose exports are also slowing down may ask why electronic components should be so messy? In fact, this is closely related to the development of our electronic industry. Now, electronic products pursue miniaturization, and the perforated plug-in components once used cannot be reduced. Electronic products have more complete functions, and the selected integrated circuit (IC) has no perforated components, especially large-scale and highly integrated IC, so we have to choose surface mounted components. Product batching, production automation, manufacturers should produce high-quality products with low cost and high output to meet customer needs and strengthen market competitiveness. The development of electronic components, the development of integrated circuits (IC), and the multiple applications of semiconductor materials. The revolution of Electronic Science and technology is imperative, and we should pursue the international trend. It can be imagined that under the condition that the production technology of international CPU and image processing device manufacturers such as Intel and AMD is refined to more than 20 nanometers, the development of SMT appearance assembly technology and process is also a situation that cannot be done

smt chip processing advantages: high assembly density, small size and light weight of electronic products, and the volume and weight of chip components are only about 1/10 of traditional plug-in components. Generally, after selecting SMT, the volume of electronic products will be reduced by 40%~60%, and the weight will be reduced by 60%~80%. High reliability and strong anti vibration ability. The defect rate of solder joint is low. Good high frequency characteristics. Reduce electromagnetic and RF interference. It is easy to complete automation and improve production efficiency. Reduce the cost by 30% - 50%. Save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc

cells are generally divided into monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and amorphous silicon. Monocrystalline silicon solar cells were the fastest developed solar cells at that time. Its structure and thermoplastic elastomer were formed by curing soft rubber polymers through physical methods rather than chemical methods. The production process has been finalized, and the products have been widely used in space and on the ground. This kind of solar cell is made of high-purity monocrystalline silicon rod. In order to reduce production costs, solar cells used on the ground now use solar grade monocrystalline silicon rods, and the data performance indicators have been relaxed. Some can also use the head and tail materials and waste secondary monocrystalline silicon materials processed by semiconductor devices to make monocrystalline silicon rods for solar cells through compound drawing

the hardware battery is mainly conductive. Also known as: battery slice, remote control battery slice, battery touch slice, battery spring slice, battery buckle, pot slice, touch slice, spring slice, battery clip slice, electrode slice. It is mainly used in remote control, electronic toys, calculators, pedometers, microphones, recorders, radios, stereos, cameras, lighting and other industries

Huizhou BOLUO cairun Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Longxi street, BOLUO County, with a unique geographical location, facing Dongguan across the river, facing Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the South and Guangzhou in the north. Guangzhou Huizhou Expressway and Guangzhou Shantou high-speed railway have stations in Longxi, with convenient transportation in all directions

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