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Characteristics of industrial cod monitor

Horiba launched a new UV absorption cod continuous detector using a unique measurement method with more than 25 years of experience - "rotating unit length adjustment system"

this device can be used in the following three main aspects: the monitoring of organic pollutants at the outlet in the total water quality control, the monitoring of organic pollutants at the water intake of the water source with extremely high requirements on the activity of materials, and the monitoring of organic pollutants with the first tempering temperature of 585 ℃ in the industrial process, such as phenol monitoring


sensor using rotary unit length adjustment system

using rotary unit length adjustment system can eliminate the impact of water pollution on zero point and fundamentally eliminate zero drift

according to the adjustment of the unit length, multi-point measurement of the indicated value can obtain the measured value generated according to the different unit length. Therefore, only one instrument can cover from Low concentration of 1abs to Wide measurement range for high concentration of 0Abs

simple operation screen

the instrument can be operated intuitively through the touch screen, and the dialog screen setting can also eliminate the uncertainty of instrument operation. In addition, through the conversion and expression function of COD and turb turbidity, the indication can be confirmed on site

automatically save 1-year data

the built-in data storage function will record 1-year data every hour. In addition, CF card can be used to read and store data conveniently

horiba's unique continuous cleaning method

does not need to block the measurement light path, and uses the scrubbing device to continuously clean the detection unit, which can avoid the indication error caused by the obvious dirt of the unit and the world's advanced level, as well as the indication difference before and after cleaning caused by the intermittent cleaning method

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