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China's wire and cable market is still in a large but not strong situation. The cable caliper will accelerate the development of the industry.

the wire and cable industry has gradually introduced automated equipment, which develops very rapidly. Automated production is often inseparable from measurement. Automatic measurement will also improve production efficiency and product quality

2012 is a threshold for China's wire and cable industry. Due to the slowdown of GDP growth, the global economic and financial crisis, the adjustment of domestic economic structure and other reasons, domestic cable enterprises generally have insufficient operating rates and overcapacity, and even once triggered a wave of industrial anxiety and bankruptcy

at present, the global wire and cable market has exceeded 100billion euros. Within the global wire and cable industry, the market size of Asia accounts for 37%, the European market is close to 30%, the American market accounts for 24%, and other markets account for 9%. Among them, although China's wire and cable industry plays an irreplaceable role in the global wire and cable industry, and as early as 2011, the output value of China's wire and cable enterprises has exceeded that of the United States, leaping to the first place in the world if there are other questions. But objectively speaking, compared with the wire and cable industry in Europe and the United States, China is still in a big but not strong situation

with the acceleration of the construction of new urbanization in China, the working principle of the agricultural gap hydraulic impact specimen broaching machine is stable in performance and reliable in accuracy. The transformation of existing electricity and the construction of new electricity will bring good development opportunities to China's second and third line cable enterprises. Although the quality of its products can meet its construction requirements at present, with the change of people's ideas, price is no longer the only preferred condition, Quality plays an increasingly important role, especially now. Therefore, under the condition of meeting the needs of domestic new urbanization construction, China's relevant enterprises also need to carry out certain technological innovation to bring new technical support for future business expansion

China's wire and cable industry has ushered in new business opportunities and markets. Especially with the continuous expansion of China's power industry, data communication industry, urban rail transit industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding and other industries, the demand for wires and cables will also grow rapidly, driving the development of China's wire and cable industry

at present, the production line of wire and cable industry is also constantly improved, becoming more and more intelligent and automated. In order to keep up with the pace of production, testing equipment should also keep up with the pace, so as to improve the quality and production efficiency of wire and cable

cable caliper is applicable to the production site of all kinds of wires and cables, and can measure all kinds of wires and cables. Various types of traditional tensile testing machines for diameter measurement have been developed, including a manual overflow valve for system pressure setting, a one-way diameter gauge, a two-way diameter gauge that can measure ovality, a three-way diameter gauge that can measure three cables at the same time, a double diameter gauge linkage thickness gauge, etc

at present, the cable caliper can realize automatic and intelligent detection, which is not limited to the detection of outer diameter size. It can also detect and alarm, realize closed-loop control of outer diameter size, data transmission and storage, and realize a variety of functions

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