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Wireless video server monitoring solutions

wireless video server monitoring solutions:

I. overview

video monitoring is an application form with a long history and a wide range of application fields. Its main function is to monitor and (to a certain extent) control the things and events in another place. From the term "video surveillance", we can know that the main functions of video surveillance system are two kinds: monitoring and control. Monitoring refers to the understanding and mastery of the monitored scene, while the control function is the response to the things in the monitored place

with the development of science and technology, in terms of hardware, the development of integrated circuit, single chip microcomputer, video capture card, computer and other technologies has played a huge role in promoting video monitoring technology, making it possible for video monitoring systems that are more and more complex and more powerful; In terms of software, various video coding technologies, network protocols, streaming media technology and software engineering technology have also had a great impact on video surveillance technology. Therefore, the development of video surveillance technology is synchronized with the development of other technologies, which is a gradual process

today, with the rapid development of information, the construction of CDMA1X network has become increasingly perfect. C because the DMA wireless video monitoring system transmits data between the monitoring equipment and the monitoring center through CDMA1X network, the purpose of real-time remote image transmission and mobile monitoring is achieved; Combined with the advanced CDMA1X network, the data transmission of more than 80K can realize frames per second; It solves the problem that the monitored scene cannot be fixed in one location and cannot be transmitted

II. System design principles and specifications

2.1 system design principles

the focus of the network video monitoring system is to strengthen the management of the business center. The equipment selection has the characteristics of safety, reliability, advanced, simple operation, strong maintenance free, etc. at the same time, it must also take into account the saving of investment, and form an advanced and complete system with the best cost-effective equipment. We strive for the progressiveness, reliability, practicality and scalability of the announcement system design for several listed companies at home and abroad. At the same time, it reflects the following principles:


the whole system maintains a certain progressiveness, and the equipment and technology used are currently internationally leading


network video monitoring system is to realize image transmission and sharing on the network system. This system supports MPEG4 encoding mode


as the user's future needs will continue to change, the number of monitoring will be expanded. As long as the front-end equipment and upgraded software are added, there is no need to add other additional equipment to ensure the user's investment cost

availability and reliability

from the perspective of users, we adopt an embedded operating system, which can ensure availability and stability

ease of use

the software has a friendly interface and is simple to use

real time

based on the advantage of bandwidth, video images and data are transmitted in real time

2.2 system design specification

according to the requirements of the project, after our careful analysis and design, our scheme can ensure that the system has the characteristics of advanced performance, reliable quality, economy and practicality

the relevant specifications based on include:

in order to prolong the service life of the universal testing machine

public industry standard of the people's Republic of China (ga/t)

general design code for industrial enterprises (GBT)

safety engineering procedures and requirements (ga/t)

code for construction and acceptance of electrical device installation engineering (bgj232.90.92)

technical code for civil closed circuit surveillance television system engineering (GB)

code for electrical design of civil industrial buildings (GJT)

CCTR recommendation

code for construction and acceptance of China Electrical Installation Engineering (GBJ)

design standard for intelligent buildings (DBJ)

cable standard for commercial buildings (eia/tia-569)

III Composition of wireless remote video monitoring system

the wireless remote video monitoring system of Beijing dongfangxun technology is composed of front-end equipment and system monitoring center

1. Front end equipment

this system has a total of 1000 front-end monitoring points, which are distributed in all parts of the oilfield. The camera is connected to the CDMA wireless video server. The CDMA wireless video server (which can be connected to infrared, smoke, microwave and other alarm devices) converts the analog video of the monitoring point into digital signals, compresses the MPEG4 video stream format, and transmits video images, control signals and other data to the monitoring center with the help of CDMA1X wireless network. Since all monitoring points are installed outdoors, outdoor PTZ, outdoor shield and PTZ lens decoder are required

2. Monitoring center

the monitoring center is the core part of the system, which undertakes the management, control, alarm processing, video recording, video viewing, user management, authority management and other important work of all front-end equipment in the system. The monitoring center shall be equipped with a management workstation for system management and setting. Configure a server to forward video streams. If you need a large amount of video storage, you can add a storage server

IV. application case of wireless remote video monitoring system

after long-term exploration and practice, Beijing dongfangxun technology has summarized a wireless video transmission solution with stable communication and low cost

network structure diagram: wireless remote video monitoring system

in this scheme, you only need the following equipment:

(1) gprs/cdma wireless video server

(2) sim/uim card

(3) server forwarding software; (optional. If you don't need multiple points to view the video at the same time, you can omit it.)

(4) video viewing client software

(5) camera

place the camera and CDMA wireless video server at each monitoring point, and use 12V DC power supply to power the wireless video server and camera. The video center server is located on the Internet and is responsible for receiving video information from various monitoring points and forwarding it to a computer terminal at any time. Any computer terminal located on the Internet can view the video of any monitoring point through the video viewing software

equipment list

equipment name configuration and function quantity unit price

gprs/cdma wireless video server (single card) supports 1

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