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Wires and cables, low-voltage electrical appliances into China's compulsory certification system

wires and cables and low-voltage electrical appliances undoubtedly have important significance in the current economic and social construction, but because the start and development of China's related industries are later than foreign counterparts, there is a certain gap in products between China and foreign countries. There is no doubt that wires and cables and low-voltage electrical appliances are of great significance in the current economic and social construction. However, due to the late start and development of relevant industries in China, and then they are made into implants in the same industry abroad, there is a certain gap in products between China and foreign countries. At the same time, due to the increasing number of enterprises engaged in this industry and the mixed quality of products in the market, in order to promote the better development of the industry, China officially incorporated them into the compulsory certification system. Now let's take a look at the development status of wires, cables and low-voltage electrical appliances

I. wire and cable

although the wire and cable industry is only a supporting industry, it accounts for 1/4 of the output value of China's electrical industry. It has a wide range of products and applications, involving power, construction, communications, manufacturing and other industries, and is closely related to all sectors of the national economy. Wires and cables are also known as the arteries and nerves of the national economy. They are indispensable basic equipment for transmitting electric energy, transmitting information, manufacturing various motors, instruments and meters, and realizing electromagnetic energy conversion. They are necessary basic products in the future electrification and information society

although China's cable industry has experienced more than 20 years of space cotton tensile machine testing, and has made great progress, it still hasn't walked out of the big but not strong cycle, and there is still a big gap compared with the world's first-class enterprises. There are many problems, such as low industrial concentration, large number and small scale of enterprises, insufficient economies of scale, insufficient independent innovation ability and prominent product structural contradictions

II. Low voltage apparatus

low voltage apparatus is an element or equipment that can manually or automatically connect and disconnect circuits according to external signals and requirements, so as to realize the switching, control, protection, detection, transformation and adjustment of circuits or non electrical objects. The development of low-voltage electrical apparatus depends on the development of national economy and the needs of the development of modern industrial automation, as well as the research and application of new technologies, new processes and new materials. At present, it is developing in the direction of high performance, high reliability, miniaturization, digital simulation, modularization, combination and general use of parts and components

from simple assembly, imitation manufacturing to self-development and design, China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry has now developed to nearly 1000 series, with about 1500 production enterprises and an annual output value of about 20billion yuan. However, the scale of domestic low-voltage electrical appliance production enterprises is small and the number is too large, and more than 90% of enterprises are in the repeated production of medium and low-grade products. Three generations of products coexist. According to the output value, the market share of the first generation products is 15%, the market share of the second generation products is 45%, and the market share of the third generation products is 40%. According to the trend of national policies, the structure of low-voltage electrical products needs to be further adjusted in the future. Products with backward technology, large volume, high energy consumption and environmental pollution will be eliminated

at the same time, based on the above reasons, wires and cables are now officially included in the compulsory certification system in China. At present, there are 22 categories and 157 categories of compulsory certification products in China. There are many categories of compulsory products, including wires and cables, low-voltage electrical appliances, motor vehicles, etc; It involves many industries, including electronic appliances, chemical technology, agricultural machinery, fire safety, etc; It covers a wide range of knowledge, including electrical appliances, machinery, wireless technology, medical treatment, etc

realize the transformation of the company from a single main business to a multi main business. In addition, in the future, wires and cables and low-voltage electrical appliances will develop together under the promotion of national policies and market environment. First, with the sustained and rapid growth of China's economy, it has provided a huge market space for cable products. The strong temptation of the Chinese market has made the world focus on the Chinese market. In the short decades of reform and opening up, the huge production capacity formed by China's cable manufacturing industry has impressed the world. With the continuous expansion of the scale of China's power industry, data communication industry, urban rail transit industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding and other industries, the demand for wires and cables will also grow rapidly, and the wire and cable industry has great development potential in the future; Second, in the context of the 12th Five Year Plan and other ambitious development goals proposed in the outline of the plan for microwave ovens and containers and the sustained macroeconomic growth, the investment in fixed assets, industrial production and overall consumption, especially the rapid growth of urban population, will drive the growth of power generation and consumption. Therefore, the future market development space of low-voltage electrical appliances will continue to expand. The year will be the main period for the construction of smart electricity in China, and the total investment scale of smart electricity is expected to be close to 4trillion yuan. At present, smart electricity has entered an important stage of comprehensive construction, and the intelligent construction of urban and rural power distribution will be fully launched. Smart electricity and smart complete equipment, smart power distribution and control system will usher in a golden period of development. At the same time, it will accelerate the upgrading of China's low-voltage electrical products and the re segmentation of the low-voltage electrical market. This is bound to be a blessing for manufacturers with the third generation improvement and the fourth generation R & D capacity of low-voltage electrical appliances

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