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A wire installer in Hangzhou accidentally got electrocuted and died during his work

Business Daily News (trainee Wang Zhuolin) we should be careful with electricity in summer. Even the wire installer was not spared this time. At more than 10 o'clock yesterday, such an electric shock accident occurred in Hangzhou Zhaohui District 1. Master Yang, who has more than 30 years of installation experience, unfortunately died

the incident occurred near 21 buildings in the first district of Zhaohui, which were all houses built during the experiment in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Some houses were also rated as dangerous houses. Looking up 3. Yellowing resistance, we can see that many communication lines and wires are intricately arranged. According to nearby residents, the wire installer who got an electric shock was working on a seven or eight meter high pole when he had an accident

at that time, there were three masters working at the scene, master Yang working at the top of the pole, and two workmates responsible for pulling wires on the ground. "At that time, I suddenly saw him tremble. I thought, no! I got an electric shock! The whole person turned back and hung upside down on the post." One of the workmates, Master Wu, recalled

after the incident, Master Wu established a macro-control and market regulation mechanism, quickly climbed up the pole, untied master Yang's safety belt, and another master at the bottom caught master Yang and laid him flat on the ground. The two workmates took turns to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation for master Yang, but he never got better, and master Yang was still foaming

someone at the scene quickly dialed 120, and the ambulance in the provincial people's hospital next door soon arrived, and master Yang was also carried into the car for rescue. Later, I received very regrettable news from the hospital. Although he was rescued with all his efforts, master Yang still stopped breathing and heartbeat

then, why did master Yang get an electric shock? Why does he come here to do homework

I learned that a kindergarten in Zhaohui is undergoing summer decoration. Considering that the power consumption in the park was often overloaded before, the kindergarten began to replace a special distribution transformer for customers with a larger capacity, so that the bearing capacity of the transformer increased from 24 KVA, which originally showed that the stress and stress of steel became a linear relationship, to 60 kVA. In order to complete this equipment replacement work, the kindergarten found a water and electricity installation service company to work. Master Yang came from this company

as for the cause of electric shock, Wu Shifu said that Lao Yang has been in the power industry for more than 30 years and is very experienced. "I think it may be that the weather is too hot and too much sweat leads to electric shock!"

after professional consultation, electric work includes live and dead states. When carrying out non live work, the staff must ensure that the distance between each part of the body and the surrounding live parts is kept outside the safety distance; When working with electricity, the staff must ensure that the insulation protection equipment of the whole body is in place, including insulating gloves, etc. In addition, in summer, if people sweat on their hands or just take a bath, do not touch the live parts of the home such as sockets to avoid the risk of electric shock

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