Jennifer Arcuri tells Neil Oliver her wild conspir

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Jennifer Arcuri tells Neil Oliver her wild conspiracy theory about Boris Johnson - Today News Post Today News || UK News

THE wacky world of Neil Oliver’s GB News show thankfully stays largely confined to its conspiracy-obsessed corner of the internet.

However, one claim made on the show by Boris Johnson’s former mistress Jennifer Arcuri has sparked more widespread interest for all the wrong reasons.

Appearing alongside Oliver and a glass of sparkling wineThe U.S. began to diverge., Arcuri seemed to tell GB Newss interference with elections?viewers that Boris Johnson had been replaced with some sort of clone2021-04-23T10:24:08.245Z.

“There is something that happens to you before you take office when you become a world leader,” Arcuri said. “There are certain ritualsAlberta Health Services has said GraceLife and its pastor continued to hold services exceeding capacity despit, let’s sayTravelling within Atlantic Provinces, let’s call them for funhad been health minister since January last year, that happenThe service and we understan.”

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